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Consumer Intelligence

Get Ahead of Critical Shifts in Consumer Behavior

Develop a brand strategy rooted in facts and guided by insights with quality restaurant consumer data and analytics – at scale.

With the right consumer behavior intelligence, hospitality brands can confidently adapt to changes in attitudes, preferences, and spend. Meanwhile, competitors are left reacting to their environment instead of enriching it.

Data that benefits the entire organization

Million Employees Represented

Restaurant Units

Billion in Annual Sales

Brands Across 6+ Segments

Understand Your Consumers

Enhance your research and uncover the patterns, trends and behaviors that help you answer the question, “is it me, or the market?”
  • See full demographic profiles of consumers
  • Track where consumers are spending their money (share-of-wallet)
  • Understand share-of-stomach data – segmented at a granular level

Know Where You’re Growing

Identify new growth opportunities and create strategies with more confidence
  • Use consumer demographics and behavior data to influence real estate decisions
  • Enhance your marketing, insights, and finance teams’ findings during acquisitions or sales
  • Identify competitive consumer insights to improve strategy and make decisions that give you a competitive edge

Apply consumer behavior insights to your business decisions with our restaurant market research

Know Your Competitors

Know where you stand competitively to refine your brand’s promise, products, and omni-channel experiences

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  • Confirm who your competitors are and uncover new ones
  • See how you stack up against the competition for share-of-market
  • Understand which brands are leading in share-of-wallet and and share-of-stomach

Perfect Every Channel & Experience

Understand the omni-channel experience from the consumers’ perspective

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  • Track engagement, experience, and spending patterns across every channel
  • Get a comprehensive view of sales and share across both online and offline channels
  • Use granular-level data to inform online and offline experiences that result in more revenue and repeat customers

Refine Your Pricing Strategy

Identify patterns in spending down to the minute and menu item

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  • Analyze overall consumer sales and traffic trends by daypart
  • Dig into individual menu item performance and other guest check-level data
  • Compare promotions to pricing strategy to understand the impact in real-time

Innovate Your Offerings

Adapt to dynamic consumer demands faster and see the impact in real-time

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  • Track the ROI of LTOs, promotions, and marketing campaigns
  • Understand which promotions are driving desired results
  • Identify and eliminate underperforming promotions faster
Case Study

Where else are our customers spending their money?

See how Tropical Smoothie uses Black Box Consumer Intelligence™ to understand consumer demographics and buying behavior to identify new opportunities and influence strategy.

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