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Financial Intelligence

Uncover Experience Improvements that Actually Drive Growth

When it’s a crowded market – every interaction matters. Financial Intelligence™ serves up the data and insights your teams need to win guests over, again and again.

Visibility Into Every Interaction

Guests engage with your brand across a broad range of channels and interactions. From digital menus, to third-party delivery, and in-store experiences – The GuestXM™ Platform captures feedback, analyzes sentiment, and understands satisfaction across your brand so you can make more informed decisions, faster.

Turning Data into Insights

Data You Can Actually Do Something With

Experience Insights

Access custom guest feedback data and NPS survey results alongside omni-channel sentiment and satisfaction data in easy-to-use dashboards with sophisticated segmentation capabilities.

Brand & Reputation Insights

Monitor the sentiment and context of every conversation happening about your brand online. Slice-and-dice the results to send to managers at the local level.

Financial Intelligence

Get a 360-view of your sales and guest traffic data with interactive and customizable dashboards and uncover exactly what’s impacting your guest experience over time.

Workforce Intelligence

Keep your finger on the pulse of your people and its impact on the entire experience with comprehensive recruiting, retention, turnover, and total rewards data – from frontline workers to the c-suite.

Transforming Insights into Action

Experience Improvements

Find & Fix Problems Fast

Bring all the data together to identify problem areas at a system-wide or local-level and create a quick plan to react and respond with the right course of action.

Spot Underperformance

Identify brands, channels, regions, or units that are underperforming and use objective insights to influence positive and more proactive change.

Understand What Guests Want

Learn how guests prefer to interact with your brand to improve operations like cuisine, atmosphere, delivery, take-out, and more.

Optimize Offerings with Insights

Compare and correlate sales, traffic, and guest feedback to improve your menu or optimize in-house, to-go, delivery service, and more.

Deliver on Delivery & Take-Out

Surface customer experience insights for dine-in, dine-out and delivery and turn them into opportunities to improve service, food, beverage, ambiance, value, and intent-to-return.

Free Your Team from Chaos

Be the eyes and ears for your general managers and frontline workforce. Use data to roll-out new training and incentive initiatives that solve store-level problems and inspire confidence to deliver on your brand’s promise.

Surface Even More Trends

Drive Repeat Customers

Understand why guests are returning by aligning sales and traffic patterns with post visit sentiment analysis across ambiance, service quality, food and beverage quality and perceived value.

Optimize Pricing & Check Growth

Keep tabs on check size trends and follow the impact local price change has on sales, traffic and guest sentiment to maximize margins.

Innovate Menus with Confidence

Track food trends and changes in customer taste with insights that help corporate kitchens design and test tastier menus in local markets before wider roll-out.

Track New Entrants

With access to data from 59,000+ units and 170+ brands across all major online review platforms – it’s easier to stay on-top of the market and give your teams the tools to uncover industry trends in real-time.

Respond to Changing Guest Behavior

Understand macro and micro trends in the market, then compare them to the overall industry and your competitors to unlock opportunities that drive sales, traffic and revenue.

Increase Workforce Efficiency

Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of all your teams and hiring by comparing sales to labor cost efficiency over time.

Stay Relevant with Seasonal Insights

Drive insights across geographies, Nielsen DMAs and your Comp Units to understand seasonality, pin-point new anomalies, and see weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends.

Learn from Competitor’s Guest Experience Investments

Track competitor guest feedback and market share to understand impact of menu and service changes as-well-as team and training investments.

Guest experience is the winning strategy in today’s competitive operating environment. Let the data do the talking – find the insights – and act on them.

Restaurants that leverage data & act on insights the most see

Faster resolution of problems
Reduction in negative brand reputation

Improvement in loyalty and return visits

How Willie’s Icehouse Leverages Industry Benchmarking & Insights to Elevate Restaurant Experience

Find out how this casual dining chain uses workforce, guest and financial data to enable teams across the organization to be more proactive and improve the way they execute.

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