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Platform Overview

GuestXM™ by Black Box Intelligence is transforming the way restaurants and their teams use data and insights to solve everyday problems

Listening Tools

capture every review, star rating, conversation, and sentiment across all channels.

Experience Insights

from guest satisfaction and sentiment, financial, operational, and workforce data.

Experience Improvements

drive results that impact bottom lines, revenue, and performance.

The GuestXM™ Platform

GuestXM Essential

Bring brand reputation management into one system. Manage online business profiles, track customer feedback and then engage guests at the right time with the right response.

Workforce Intelligence

Get a total picture of your frontline workforce. Hire smarter, motivate with purpose, and retain the talent that lines up with your brand’s standards.

Guest Intelligence

Get a complete view of what your guests are thinking and feeling with comprehensive listening across every single channel.

Financial Intelligence

Be in complete control over your operations and experiences. Spot successes, respond to issues, and build a culture of action based on data and insights.

Insights to Empower Everyone

Build a culture of action and deliver incredible experiences
Insights for Teams

Observe the impact of micro and macro trends on sales and guest traffic, enhance board-room conversations with benchmarked insights, and support more confident decisions across experience, marketing, HR, and operations.


Monitor region and store-level guest and sales traffic, understand performance challenges, build and deploy new processes based on guest feedback, and become a trusted advisor across your organization.


Understand brand perception, manage your online reputation across all channels, use real-time consumer data to design better performing offers and campaigns, and stay aligned with other teams.

Human Resources

See how staffing impacts sales and traffic and the entire guest experience. Monitor compensation trends to stay competitive and assess how training programs affect guest satisfaction and store performance.


Track cuisine preference changes and food trends, design new menu options based on guest feedback, and inject insights into your section of the business.

Insights for Teams

The More You Know

  • Greater Volume
Leverage guest feedback and brand sentiment captured straight from the source
    • Deeper Insights

    Uncover your blind spots and cash cows

    • Richer Context
    Get a 360-view into the health of your business and the impact of your insights-driven decisions


    Integrate your data, unlock insights for results across your organization
    Enterprise Ecosystem Illustration
    We simplify your intelligence ecosystem with safe and secure API integration of your sales, guest traffic and workforce data alongside the most up-to-date insights from employees, customers and consumers.
    Restaurant Data

    Get access to your data and over 100,000 other restaurants and segments

    Connecting the Dots

    Create a single-source of truth that connects the dots between people, profits, and performance

    Inbox Insights

    Receive consistent, accurate, comparable insights straight to your inbox

    Your Partner in Profitable Growth

    High-growth and rapid response to the ever-changing demands of guests requires a high-touch partner in your success. Your analyst and customer success team understand and will help your teams unlock collaboration across the GuestXM Platform and unleash impact across your organization.
    Data Flows

    An onboarding and integration team that understands how data flows in the restaurant industry

    Corporate Teams

    Results-oriented team training and enablement to help your corporate teams and frontline managers using the tools effectively


    Regular strategy and business review sessions to help you get the most out of the platform and its insights


    Support and success that moves at the same pace you do

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    GuestXM™ leverages Black Box Intelligence guest, workforce, and financial data to surface actionable insights that drive revenue and profitability results for restaurants across the globe.
    Used by over 300+ of the world’s best restaurants.
    Guest Experience Platform for Restaurants

    Reignite your brand journey.

    Find out how to exceed expectations of your workforce and your guests and get the results you're looking for. This time, next time, every time.

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