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Case Study: How Willie’s Icehouse Leverages Industry Benchmarking & Insights to Elevate Restaurant Experience

Their Story:

Willie’s brings the classic Icehouse experience to communities across Texas. The brand began as a humble burger shack in Houston in 1993, and they’ve been Texas’ go-to spot for kicking back with friends and family ever since.


• Understanding how Willie’s Icehouse compares to the competition
• Managing multiple areas of the business while keeping a balance of the teams’ digital activities
• Not having the right tools for sales and traffic data


• Guest Intelligence
• Workforce Intelligence
• Financial Intelligence


• With BBI, Willie’s can set attainable benchmark goals that the team is able to monitor progress
• BBI’s insights are shared with every department and member on their team
• BBI has allowed Willie’s to better track customer experience
• Streamlined data has allowed Willie’s to better monitor the overall health of the brand
• With more cohesive data, they’ve become more proactive in their approach to address the health of their employees and business

Download this case study to see how you can get similar results:

“Streamlined data has allowed us to better monitor the overall health of the brand. For example, sometimes it was evident that both brand performance and the team’s mental health was struggling. It’s critical for us to see that correlation.”


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