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The Ultimate Guide to Direct and Indirect Feedback

Most importantly – what are you even supposed to do with direct and indirect feedback when it finally reaches you?

Your customers are leaving critical insights on their experience anywhere they want. For any restaurant brand, you either own the channel they’re sharing on, or you don’t. Creating surveys, for example, would be a method in which you are directly soliciting and capturing feedback from your customers. This method is also known as direct feedback, when a person provides you with a specific response to what you’re inquiring about because you’ve structured the format of a survey a certain way, and defined the topics you’re looking for feedback on. It can be positive or negative, but it is usually straightforward and honest.

Indirect feedback, on the other hand, does not give an explicit response about what you want to hear about. Instead, it is usually polarizing and often requires interpretation to assess which aspect of the customer experience was most impacted. So what are you even supposed to do when your customer feedback, regardless of channel, finally reaches you?

In the ‘Guide to Direct and Indirect Feedback’, we’ll take a granular look at the different types of feedback, examples for each, and of course — exact steps to take to make sure your feedback makes sense, and is actionable.

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