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June 29, 2022

Restaurant Industry Performance Pulse: June 29, 2022

About Half of All States Experienced Negative Sales Growth, Only 10 Achieved Positive Traffic 

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Data through the week ending June 19, 2022 

  • The week ending June 19, the restaurant industry settled into what is considered the new normal: modest growth in same-store sales growth, while guest count erosion continues year-over-year. 
  • This was the 15th consecutive week in which the industry has experienced negative traffic growth. Furthermore, the industry has only been able to post 7 weeks of year-over-year traffic growth since the beginning of the year, the last one being during week ending March 6. 
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  • Average check continues growing at a high pace compared to historical trends. The segments with the highest check growth in June are fast casual, family dining and casual dining. Fast casual and family dining are among the top 3 segments with the highest check growth in April and May. 
  • Based on sales growth during the week ending June 19, the best performing segments were fine dining and fast casual. Casual dining and family dining were the only two segments that experienced negative sales growth during the week. 
  • Almost half of all states (24), experienced negative sales growth during the week. Only ten were able to achieve positive traffic growth during the week: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine Connecticut, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and New Jersey. 

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