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Competitive Benchmarks

Benchmark performance to get a bigger slice of the pie.

Compare your performance by location to your competitors and get insights that will help you bring more customers to the table.

Local Competitive Landscape

Understand drivers of local markets by comparing against competitors.

Identify local growth drivers

Measure sales and foot traffic performance compared to local competitors and access insights to drivers including food, service, and reputation.

Deliver location quality of service

Benchmark local labor productivity across your company and competitors including sales and foot traffic per a labor hour and service sentiment to identify areas of opportunity.

Innovate based on local market consumer behaviors

Easily access consumption trends including dine-in/out behaviors, food and beverage sales mix changes, and preference changes in local cuisine.

Improve location reputation

Compare average ratings and gain insights from competitor reviews leveraging industry-leading NLP tracking 60,000 keywords, phrases for restaurants to learn where and how to improve.

Brand Competitors

Track position in market compared to major competitors.

Benchmark guest brand perception

Spot trends of brand sentiment and location reviews across your segment and compared against direct competitors to contextualize intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Correlate workforce improvements to guest sentiment

Observe how turnover, employee compensation, and changes to incentives programs impact service, guest sentiment, and brand perception.

Learn from competitor’s guest experience investments

Track competitor guest feedback and market share to understand impact of menu and service changes as-well-as team and training investments.

I'm tasked with hiring and retaining employees for our 16-store fast casual concept as well as our central production facility where we bake our artisan breads and deserts. The tools and information that Black Box Intelligence™ provides help me to do a better job as well as to track how our concept is performing against our segment and the industry at a local, regional and national level.

Ali Johnston

CPO, Wildflower

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Market Trends

Respond to changing market conditions in real-time.

Adjust to changing consumer preferences

Build new strategies, based on guest feedback, to improve operations system-wide including cuisine and atmosphere.

Track new entrants

By analyzing 59,000+ units and 170+ brands across all major online review platforms, uncover emerging industry trends and up-and-coming brands in real-time to always stay on-top of the market.

Respond to changing guest behavior

Understand macro and micro trends in the market, then compare them to the overall industry and your competitors to unlock opportunities that drive sales, traffic and revenue.

Tailor responses to each market

Drive insights across geographies, Nielsen DMAs and your Comp Units to understand seasonality, pin-point new anomalies, and see weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends.

Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group dba Red Robin
Black Box has helped improve our overall performance in Same Store Sales and Guest Counts. We share this data with our operators weekly and it pushes them to improve performance.

Mike Axiotis

President, Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group dba Red Robin

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Key Solutions

  1. Operational Insights

    Get automated, actionable insights and recommendations on your guest experience, workforce and financial performance to help scale your business across every location.

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  2. Workforce Performance

    Build teams that guests love by better understanding your local workforce. Hire, motivate, compensate and retain top talent to deliver better customer experiences.

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  3. Brand Reputation

    Bake greater insights and efficiency into your guest experience with industry tools designed to seamlessly gather and respond to reviews, social media, feedback and sentiment.

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Restaurant Guest Experience Platform

Create better guest experiences to grow your sales.

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