Unmasking the Cost of High Employee Turnover in the Restaurant Industry

Insights from the 2017 Recruiting and Turnover Survey

Here's a quick quiz: what hurts your employees' performance, your guests' dining experiences, and your financial bottom line? If you guessed employee turnover, you've clearly been paying attention. Over the past year, chain restaurants have been weathering some of the highest turnover rates in over 10 years, and operators are starting to panic. Every restaurant executive knows turnover hurts, but how much is it actually cutting into your operational performance? More importantly, why is it so high and what is the solution?

The newly released 2017 Recruiting and Turnover Survey from Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report) quantified the true cost of turnover and revealed just what is happening to your top talent.

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Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report), a Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) company, delivers unparalleled human capital performance intelligence from the dish room to the board room reflecting 2.3 million employees spanning 189 DMAs. Benchmarks include regional turnover, FOH, BOH, and corporate salaries/wages by position, demographics, and more.

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