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February 2024 Restaurant Insights: Declining Sales and Cleanliness Imperatives

Expected Softening in Restaurant Sales May Be Here; Creating an Even Bigger Incentive to Keep Restaurants Clean February provided a much clearer picture of the current state of the restaurant industry after January’s noisy data painted a much bleaker (albeit inaccurate) picture. Same-store sales growth for restaurants was -0.6% in February. Despite the very robust […]

AI Self-Service in Restaurants: Enhancing Efficiency Without Compromising Customer Experience

As the Restaurant Industry Embraces AI Self-Service, Striking the Right Balance Between Innovation and Personal Touch Becomes Paramount This year, restaurants are aiming to improve customer experiences (CXs), optimize operations, and, most pressingly, alleviate the labor challenges that have plagued the service industry in recent years—all to mitigate inflation and prepare for a potential economic […]

Promising Start to 2024: The Restaurant Industry Ended 2023 on a High Note

Promising Start to 2024: The Restaurant Industry Ended 2023 on a High Note December was another relatively strong month for restaurant sales and traffic growth. However, there was enough noise in the data to temper down some of the optimism that the topline results may produce. The month was one of the warmest December on […]

Huddle House Q&A: Breaking Down the Casual Dining Chain’s 360-View of the Restaurant Experience

Huddle House’s Journey to Building a Better Brand Experience Since the brand’s inception in 1969, US casual dining restaurant chain Huddle House has experienced significant growth, now operating in over 200 locations across various states. Their data-driven culture enables them to leverage valuable insights for continuous improvement. GuestXM sat down with former Brand President & […]

Hit Your Performance Goals in 2024: Important Restaurant KPIs to Track

Understand, Track, and Improve Your Restaurant KPIs As the new year approaches, restaurant operators are working hard to create strategies for success in 2024. However, developing a robust new-year strategy is a significant undertaking that demands collective effort. The key is to establish internal alignment on the metrics that matter most so you and your […]

Accelerated Sales & Traffic Growth Bring Optimism to Restaurants

Elevating Restaurant Success: A Deep Dive into November’s Sales Surge By several accounts, November was a pretty encouraging month for restaurants. For the second consecutive month, year-over-year (YoY) same-store sales and traffic growth accelerated, bringing much-needed optimism to the industry after September’s discouraging dip in performance. Furthermore, November’s traffic growth was the third strongest achieved […]

Q4 Restaurant Sales & Traffic Trends Reveal Positive Trajectory

Resilient Trends in Q4 Restaurant Sales & Traffic Unveiling Key Insights from October 2023’s Restaurant Performance According to GuestXM’s Financial Intelligence, restaurant sales and traffic performance rebounded in October, providing some relief that the disappointing September results were somewhat of an anomaly and not the beginning of a severe downturn for the industry. While October’s […]

Customer Satisfaction Benchmarks: What Is a Good CSAT Score?

Uncover the Power of Your CSAT Score How satisfied are your customers with your brand? Besides social and review listening, another way to find out what your customers think of your brand is to measure your customer satisfaction (CSAT) score, which is typically obtained through post-dining surveys or feedback forms. Measuring and calculating customer satisfaction […]

Preparing Your Restaurant for the Seasonal Rush

How Restaurants Can Thrive Amidst Holiday Surges and Navigate the Post-Holiday Challenges The holiday season is upon us, and for restaurants, this means preparing not only for a surge in diners seeking festive feasts and memorable dining experiences but also for the post-holiday slump. In our recent insights article, we revealed that restaurant sales and […]

Restaurant Industry Insights You Need to Know Heading into 2024

Unpacking the Latest Trends and Takeaways from GuestXM’s Q4 State of the Restaurant Industry As we edge closer to the end of 2023, having access to current restaurant industry data is vital for planning the year. During our Q4 State of the Industry webinar, we delved into the intricacies of the industry, with a focus […]

Bridging the Gap Between Your CXO & CMO

Unlocking the Synergy Between CX and Marketing Initiatives 90% of customer experience (CX) leaders say customer expectations have increased to an all-time high. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the restaurant industry has undergone a substantial transformation, leaning heavily toward a customer-centric approach. Rather than solely focusing on driving sales, brands are recognizing the […]

Restaurant Sales and Traffic Growth Continue to Decline

Restaurant Sales and Traffic for September 2023 There is no doubt September was a weak month for restaurant sales. Same-store sales growth during the month fell to 0.6%, down from 1.5% in August and a much stronger 2.8% in July. September’s sales growth rate was the softest experienced by the industry in over two years. […]