Restaurant Customer Surveys

Continuously Improve Your Experience with Direct Feedback

Direct feedback is the first line of defense against customer attrition. By asking guests about their experience, you can begin to unveil blind spots across customer interactions, whether related to service, atmosphere, food quality, or value.

Configurable, Simple to Deploy, and Easy for Your Customers to Complete

Collect, analyze, and transform direct feedback data into usable insights.

  • Self Service

    Create customer surveys directly within the GuestXM survey tool and manage them across all your channels.
  • Web-Hosted and/or QR-Code Delivery

    Integrate to your existing website while also delivering your surveys to customers via QR code, email, SMS, or kiosks. Print on your receipts or packaging.
  • Multi-Language Support

    Connect with customers on a personal level by engaging with them in their language. 
  • Mobile Friendly

    Provide convenience and meet your customers wherever they are at any given moment.
  • Conditional Logic on Questions

    Create a more personalized and relevant survey experience by tailoring follow-up questions based on a customer’s previous answers.
Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group dba Red Robin
Black Box has helped improve our overall performance in Same Store Sales and Guest Counts. We share this data with our operators weekly and it pushes them to improve performance.

Mike Axiotis

President, Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group dba Red Robin

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NPS, CSAT, CES, Multiple Choice, Yes/No, Free Text & More

Include industry-standard questions/measurements and/or your own. Choose a specific survey type that aligns with your brand objectives:

  • Net Promoter Survey

    NPS identifies a guest's willingness to recommend your restaurant, an important leading indicator of future business and revenue growth. 
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey

    The CSAT score indicates how satisfied diners are with a restaurant’s food, service, and overall experiences. The score is collected through strategically administered surveys after an interaction along the customer journey. 
  • Customer Effort Survey

    A CES score is an indicator of how easy or difficult it is to dine at or order from a restaurant. 
Razzoo’s, Inc
Black Box Intelligence™ has definitely added value and insight to our organization and has shown us areas where we can improve relative to the competition.

Jacques Barjon

Director, Financial Planning & Analysis, Razzoo’s, Inc

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GuestXM Survey Features

Unveil front- and back-of-house strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

  • Natural Language Processing on Unstructured Feedback

    Evaluate comments by leveraging GuestXM’s AI-powered Natural Language Processor to understand what customers are talking about at scale.
  • Task Automation based on Survey Score or Voice of Customer

    Automate various actions, like task assignments or notifications, based on survey scores or customer feedback to enhance operational efficiency.
  • Email integration for Survey Response

    Keep all relations communication within a single tool by integrating responses with your email client.
  • Delivery Customer Insight

    Get to know your delivery customers with GuestXM surveys on platforms such as Deliveroo, Uber Eats,, and GrubHub. Reveal real insights through receipts and QR codes.
  • Custom Branding

    Design branded surveys by incorporating your brand’s logo and style guide.
  • Survey Versioning

    Create and manage different versions of a survey, keep track of updates and revisions, run comparative analysis, and more.

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