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Financial Intelligence

Unlock Restaurant Industry and Segment-Level Performance Insights

Gain a panoramic view of sales and guest traffic data, maintain fiscal health, monitor performance, and strategically plan for sustained growth.

Track Shifting Guest Preferences & Traffic Patterns

Understand changing consumer and market conditions.

Target Areas of Improvement

See how your sales and traffic results stack up in the marketplace by comparing your performance to industry, segment, and DMA benchmarks.

Adjust to Changing Consumer Preferences

Build new strategies, based on guest feedback, to improve operations system-wide, including service, food, beverage, ambiance, value, and intent-to-return attributes.

Track New Entrants

By analyzing 59,000+ units and 170+ brands across all major online review platforms, uncover emerging industry trends and up-and-coming brands in real time to always stay on top of the market.

Track Guest Behavior

Understand macro and micro trends in the market, then compare them to the overall industry and your competitors to unlock opportunities that drive sales, traffic, and revenue.

Brinker International
"The Intelligence dashboard is so easy to navigate but insightful enough to be able engage on executive conversations and get perspective of actions we could take for the brand."

Alejandra Gonzalez

Marketing Director, Calendar & Pipeline, Brinker International

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Optimize Strategy for Every Location at Scale

Understand drivers of local markets by comparing against competitors.

Set Realistic Goals

Understand how the market is performing and set targets that are challenging yet achievable.

Track Competitors' Investments

Track competitor guest feedback and market performance by segment to understand the impact of menu and service changes as well as team and training investments.

Tailor Responses to Each Market

Drive insights across geographies, Nielsen DMAs, and your Comp Units to understand seasonality, pinpoint new anomalies, and see weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends.

Elevate the Customer Experience

Analyze financial data such as sales trends and customer spending patterns to identify popular menu items, adjust pricing strategies, and optimize inventory management to ensure consistency in offering the most desired dishes at competitive prices, thus enhancing the overall dining experience for customers.

Native Foods
"The ability to benchmark our results against the industry is helpful, but the real magic comes from the rich, local data."

Carin Stutz

President & CEO, Native Foods

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Key Platforms

Workforce Intelligence

Build teams that guests love by better understanding your local workforce. Hire, motivate, compensate and retain top talent to deliver better customer experiences.

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Social & Review Listening

Embrace greater insights and efficiency into your guest experience with industry tools designed to seamlessly gather and respond to reviews, social media, feedback, and sentiment.

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Review Management

Engage with your customers in real time. Never miss a (negative) review again! Keep an eye on the latest social conversations, trends, and brand mentions.

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Collect, analyze, and transform direct feedback data into insights helps multi-unit restaurant brands uncover blind spots across customer interactions.

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Restaurant Guest Experience Platform

Create Better Guest Experiences to Grow Your Sales

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