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April’s Sales Gains Driven by Check Growth, but Value-Centric Restaurants Lead in Traffic Growth

Although the US has managed to avoid a recession so far, and employment numbers remain robust, consumers are still insecure about the economy. If brands have no choice but to raise prices, their focus should shift to delivering other parts of the value equation.

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Q2 2024 State of the Restaurant Industry: Steady Sales and Check Growth, Off-Premise Remains Key Opportunity

Here’s a comprehensive recap of the most pressing trends affecting the industry and key takeaways from our State of the Industry (SOTI) briefing.

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Gen Zs Flooding into Workforce as Boomers Exit—How Can Restaurants Manage This Shift?

To secure their share of new talent and overcome persisting staffing challenges, restaurants may have to rethink their approaches.

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With Sales & Traffic Relatively Soft, Value May Be the Key to Success for Restaurants

With March 2024 seeing modest sales growth and declining traffic, the key to restaurant success lies in understanding consumer behaviors amidst inflation, emphasizing the importance of value offerings and customer experience for sustained growth.

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California’s Fast Food Minimum Wage Hike: Much Too Much, Much Too Soon . . . But What Now?

The recent minimum wage increase in California exclusively for fast food workers breaks from historical precedent. With any legal changes of this scale, the downstream impact and nuances can be significant.

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February 2024 Restaurant Insights: Declining Sales and Cleanliness Imperatives

Discover the latest insights into the restaurant industry's February 2024 performance, revealing a concerning decline in sales alongside the critical importance of maintaining cleanliness for positive customer ratings.

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Navigating Industry Performance Amidst Weather and Economic Challenges

January offered little clarity in terms of the current health of the restaurant industry from a year-over-year growth perspective.

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AI Self-Service in Restaurants: Enhancing Efficiency Without Compromising Customer Experience

As restaurants embrace AI self-service technologies to boost efficiency and navigate labor challenges, finding the delicate equilibrium between innovation and maintaining a personalized customer experience becomes imperative.

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Promising Start to 2024: The Restaurant Industry Ended 2023 on a High Note

December saw a 2.3% YoY increase in restaurant sales, amid weather-related nuances, while the industry anticipates leveraging a stabilized labor market for growth in 2024.

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Huddle House Q&A: Breaking Down the Casual Dining Chain’s 360-View of the Restaurant Experience

GuestXM sat down with Huddle House to discuss how the brand takes guest feedback from data-analysis to decision-making.

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Hit Your Performance Goals in 2024: Important Restaurant KPIs to Track

Learn how restaurant operators can create successful strategies for 2024. Discover the importance of establishing internal alignment on key metrics and tracking the right KPIs for hitting performance goals.

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Accelerated Sales & Traffic Growth Bring Optimism to Restaurants

In November, the restaurant industry saw accelerated same-store sales and traffic growth, marking the strongest traffic performance in almost two years.

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Q4 Restaurant Sales & Traffic Trends Reveal Positive Trajectory

Unlock key insights into October's restaurant sales and traffic trends, revealing a positive trajectory for the industry, while delving into the implications of California's minimum wage hike and examining Q3's top performers based on net sentiment.

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