Financial Intelligence

Identify Local, Regional, and National Market Trends

Compare your performance by location to your competitors and get insights that will help you bring more traffic to your locations.

Track Shifting Guest Preferences & Traffic Patterns

Understand changing consumer and market conditions.

  • Adjust to Changing Consumer Preferences

    Build new strategies, based on guest feedback, to improve operations system-wide, including service, food, beverage, ambiance, value, and intent-to-return attributes.
  • Track New Entrants

    By analyzing 59,000+ units and 170+ brands across all major online review platforms, uncover emerging industry trends and up-and-coming brands in real time to always stay on top of the market.
  • Track Guest Behavior

    Understand macro and micro trends in the market, then compare them to the overall industry and your competitors to unlock opportunities that drive sales, traffic, and revenue.
Brinker International
The Intelligence dashboard is so easy to navigate but insightful enough to be able engage on executive conversations and get perspective of actions we could take for the brand.

Alejandra Gonzalez

Marketing Director, Calendar & Pipeline, Brinker International

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Optimize Strategy for Every Location at Scale

Understand drivers of local markets by comparing against competitors.

  • Track Competitors' Investments

    Track competitor guest feedback and market performance by segment to understand the impact of menu and service changes as well as team and training investments.
  • Tailor Responses to Each Market

    Drive insights across geographies, Nielsen DMAs, and your Comp Units to understand seasonality, pinpoint new anomalies, and see weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual trends.
Native Foods
The ability to benchmark our results against the industry is helpful, but the real magic comes from the rich, local data.

Carin Stutz

President & CEO, Native Foods

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Create Better Guest Experiences to Grow Your Sales