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Workforce Intelligence

Build High-Performing Teams and Retain Top-Rated Employees at Every Location

Gain access to valuable insights, benchmarks, and resources to optimize your workforce strategies and become an employer of choice in the restaurant industry. AVAILABLE IN THE US ONLY.

Make Service Your Competitive Edge with Workforce Analytics

Deliver exceptional experiences with a hospitality-driven team.

Manage Talent

Harness comprehensive workforce data to secure and retain top local talent. Stay ahead of the compensation curve with workforce analytics based on the latest market data.

Enhance Team Training

Benchmark training programs, key topics, and budget allocations against direct competitors. Measure the return of investment of staff development initiatives and understand the impact on sales and customer sentiment.

Reduce Staff Turnover

Utilize GuestXM's Total Rewards Survey data to understand local work environments. Identify key drivers of employee engagement and satisfaction to devise strategies that reduce turnover.

Wildflower Bread Company
"We love Black Box Financial and Workforce Intelligence! The data allows us to stay ahead of the competition as well as offer competitive compensation packages to retain the best talent!"

Sundaye Taylor

HR Manager, Wildflower Bread Company

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Monitor Service Impact on Guest Experience

Measure and track guest service sentiment and spot negative trends early.

Elevate the Guest Experience

Uncover insights into what motivates employee engagement and satisfaction and how it directly impacts the customer experience. Monitor and measure the influence of employee satisfaction on guest sentiment to pinpoint areas for improvement.

Gain a Competitive Advantage

Benchmark employee satisfaction and guest service experience against. competitors to stay one step ahead and create a unique value proposition for guests.

Boost Brand Success

Perform comparative analysis of turnover, staffing, compensation, and demographics against the broader restaurant industry and specific market segments. Obtain unit-level insights to enhance operation efficiency.

Conduct Corporate Evaluation

Perform comparative analysis of turnover, staffing, compensation, and demographics against the broader restaurant industry and specific market segments. Obtain unit-level insights to enhance operation efficiency.

Front Burner
"You have an incredible product and are terrific people to work with. Great job team!"

Randy Dewitt

Founder, Front Burner

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Leverage Comprehensive Workforce Reports & Insights

Predict and analyze the impact of team investments on the bottom line.

Executive Scorecard

Utilize GuestXM's Executive Scorecard to compare company metrics against designated market segments.

Competitor Report

Benchmark your company against selected competitors for compensation and turnover.

Labor Market Insights

Obtain detailed analysis of turnover causes, retention strategies, and labor costs across the industry.

99 Restaurants
"Adding Consumer Intelligence to our insights portfolio has really helped us strengthen our strategic focus."

Michelle Giovine

VP of Marketing, 99 Restaurants

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Key Platforms

Social & Review Listening

Embrace greater insights and efficiency into your guest experience with industry tools designed to seamlessly gather and respond to reviews, social media, feedback, and sentiment.

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Financial Intelligence

Compare your performance by location to your competitors and get insights that will help you bring more customers to the table.

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Review Management

Engage with your customers in real time. Never miss a (negative) review again! Keep an eye on the latest social conversations, trends, and brand mentions.

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Collect, analyze, and transform direct feedback data into insights helps multi-unit restaurant brands uncover blind spots across customer interactions.

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Restaurant Guest Experience Platform

Create Better Guest Experiences to Grow Your Sales

GuestXM Blog

Overall Traffic Declining, Sales Propped Up by Average Check Value but Unit Ratings and Reviews Critical to Success

Restaurant performance based on same-store sales and traffic growth softened during May compared to the previous month. But of the two, it was traffic growth that experienced the biggest deceleration in its year-over-year performance.

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What CFOs Need to Know About CX’s Impact on Revenue, According to Actual Sales & Traffic Data

Restaurant executives tend to know customer experience is important, but quantifying its impact remains a daunting challenge for most. Fortunately, our data brings clarity to this complex issue.

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April’s Sales Gains Driven by Check Growth, but Value-Centric Restaurants Lead in Traffic Growth

Although the US has managed to avoid a recession so far, and employment numbers remain robust, consumers are still insecure about the economy. If brands have no choice but to raise prices, their focus should shift to delivering other parts of the value equation.

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