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Special Report: 56 Days that Forever Changed the Restaurant Industry

Explore the transformative 56-day journey of the restaurant industry as COVID-19 forced adaptation, off-premise models, and staffing crises, all revealed in our Special Report.

After an encouraging start to 2020, the restaurant industry was hit with the hardest few months in recent history due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Sales plunged after shelter-in-place measures took place across the country. Most restaurants had to adapt to an off-premise-only model to stay afloat. Employees were furloughed and laid off, adding another layer of complexity to an industry already amid a staffing crisis. Guests have had to adapt, and the themes that are top of mind for them are present in social media. Download 56 Days that Forever Changed the Restaurant Industry for a timeline of the last few months that shook us all.

What’s in the Report?

  • Industry timeline from March until today
  • Comp sales with segment analysis
  • Evolution of guest themes on social chatter
  • Heat map of comp sales across the country
  • Furloughs and layoffs
  • Salary and bonus data
  • Third-party delivery adoption rates
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