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Measuring Employee Engagement Has Never Been Easier

Engagement matters, so we expanded Restaurant Manager Connect to include engagement metrics for all of your managers, based on Gallup's Q12.

Unlocking the Power of Engagement

Revolutionizing Employee Satisfaction in the Restaurant Industry

The results from our GM Connect pilot are in, and they’re staggering. The restaurant industry has an engagement problem. Only 35 percent of restaurant general managers are engaged. That is lower than in any other industry; across other industries, 61 percent of managers are engaged.

General managers are vital to the success of your restaurants, and when they are not engaged the effect is detrimental to your performance. But how engaged are your other managers? We want to find out. Based on feedback from the pilot survey, we have expanded our offering to include engagement metrics for all of your managers.

By transforming GM Connect to Restaurant Manager Connect, we can provide a more holistic view of the manager landscape with even more granularity. Based on Gallup’s world-renowned Q12 questions, we can identify emotional factors that drive engagement for your managers, so you can address any issues quickly.

Insights and Opportunities

Strategies and Stats for Restaurant Managers

Our research has indicated that 35 percent of managers terminate within the first year of employment. Even grimmer is that many of these terminations are voluntary. To retain managers and reduce turnover, operators need to address engagement.

Training is a great place to start. Go beyond initial onboarding training and offer more learning opportunities outside of day-to-day processes. Include other elements into your training program that help your managers hone their leadership, personal, and team-building abilities.

The initial survey results also revealed that general managers are suffering from poor work-life balance. Only 11 percent of GMs strongly agree that their job allows them to spend enough quality time with family and friends. Operators have a huge opportunity to address this with their managers and provide more flexibility. Part of this can be solved with adequate staffing. Make sure your management team is robust and able to split up the demands of the workplace.

Why Does Engagement Matter So Much?

During the 2019 Global Best Practices Conference, Gallup shared that a strong correlation exists between engagement and bottom-line results. When managers are engaged, companies have less absenteeism, fewer safety incidents, higher productivity, lower turnover, and 20 percent higher sales. Manager engagement has a trickle effect also; employees who work for engaged managers are 59 percent more likely to be engaged according to Gallup.

The Future of Restaurant Manager Connect

It is tough operating in today’s restaurant environment. With the insights gained from this product, we will help you address some of the challenges you are facing with the rest of the industry. We will uncover what truly drives engagement and deliver the insights you need so you can move quickly to make an impact.

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