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The State of the Restaurant Employee [Infographic]

How well you do know the modern day restaurant employee? Here’s a quick peek at what’s happening in the workforce right now.

Decoding the Employee Conundrum

Insights from Workforce Intelligence and Gallup

Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) has shared a lot of information in the past about the state of the restaurant industry. But, what about the state of the restaurant employee? Employees can be very volatile when it comes to their needs, flexibility, time, and loyalty to your restaurant. That’s why operators need to establish a repeated pulse check throughout the year to measure not only where their employees stand, but where the rest of the workforce stands as well.

Workforce Intelligence (formerly People Report) has curated data surrounding the state of the restaurant employees to kick off 2018. According to the data, turnover has once again reached new record highs despite optimism that it had peaked in recent quarters.

Additionally, research from Gallup that was recently presented at the 2018 Global Best Practices Conference shows that employee engagement is lower than ever before, creating more problems for restaurants.

Finally, Black Box Intelligence (formerly TDn2K) has correlated workforce practices to sales performance for top-selling companies and found that, shockingly, paying your general managers more can improve their performance and longevity with your company.

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