Restaurant social listening

Elevate the Customer Experience with Omnichannel Feedback

GuestXM’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) eliminates the need to rely on antiquated administrative ways of managing restaurant feedback so you can instantly spot areas of improvement and exceed guests’ expectations.

Gain Understanding with Text Analytics for Restaurants

The only Natural Language Processing purpose-built for restaurants.

  • Feedback Aggregation & Analysis

    Break down sentiment factors into actionable drivers that can be deployed, tested, and measured across a market’s social media and review channels.
  • The Only Natural Language Processing Purpose-Built for Restaurants

    Leverage the power of text analytics to understand guest sentiment around food, beverage, service, hospitality, ambiance, value, and intent to return, and unlock actionable insights for your front-line teams.
  • Sentiment Analysis of Trends & Patterns

    Track 60,000 keywords, phrases, and modifiers to gain insights into areas where guests are satisfied or dissatisfied and make targeted improvements.
Big River Restaurant Group
From a marketing and HR perspective, BBGI really helps with talking to operations. GI data shows them our guest’s real time feedback and where the issues are.

Donlyn Kwedar

HR/Marketing Director, Big River Restaurant Group

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