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The Post-Pandemic Restaurant Employee: Who wants to work and why

Dive into the key factors driving the unprecedented labor shortage in the restaurant industry and gain valuable insights into the preferences and motivations of current and potential hourly restaurant workers.

The restaurant industry is currently facing its biggest challenge to date – the labor shortage and retention crisis. Some key factors are driving these hurdles. To help you address them, Black Box Intelligence™ and Snagajob joined forces to unpack these trends and present data-driven solutions. Download The post-pandemic restaurant Employee: Who Wants to Work and Why today for exclusive Black Box Workforce Intelligence™ data combined with survey results from over 4,700 former, current, and future hourly restaurant workers.

Key Factors Driving the Restaurant Industry Labor Shortage

The gap between open jobs and people looking for them in the restaurant industry is the greatest it has ever been in recorded history. This exclusive report takes a deep dive into the factors driving the labor shortage for restaurants with turnover data and a breakdown of who is currently working in the industry. Learn the age breakdown of current industry workers, their tenure, what drew them to the industry, and more. Additionally, see who is looking to work in restaurants and where they are going to find jobs.

This is a multilayered labor market and restaurant industry challenge. This report will give you the data you need and recommend solutions to help address some of these issues. Tackling wage and benefits, childcare, opportunities in other industries, and employee mental and physical health, this report by Snagajob and Black Box Intelligence aims to help you solve some of the barriers for workers coming back to your restaurants.

Download The Post-Pandemic Restaurant Employee: Who Wants to Work and Why for instant access to exclusive Black Box Workforce Intelligence data combined with survey results from over 4,700 former, current, and future hourly restaurant workers.

About Black Box Intelligence™

Black Box Intelligence™ is the leading data and insights provider of workforce, guest, consumer, and financial performance benchmarks for the restaurant industry. With the recent acquisition of MillerPulse, Black Box Intelligence is home to the largest and most reliable set of real restaurant data in the marketplace. Black Box Intelligence is also the producer of The Best Practices Conference held annually in Dallas, Texas. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

About Snagajob

Snagajob, the country’s largest marketplace for hourly jobs and shifts, connects more than 47 million hourly job seekers with employment opportunities at 470,000 employer locations in the US. Snagajob’s mission is to put people in the right-fit positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives. Through Snagajob, workers gain the flexibility of working when and where they choose while employers are assured every shift stays filled. For more information, visit or connect with us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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